The Vitrification and Warming Plate is a versatile tool designed to facilitate vitrification cooling and warming procedures in a single dish, streamlining the vitrification and thawing processes. The product features a rectangular shape with six orderly arranged wells on its surface. These wells accommodate vitrification or thawing media. The leftmost well, known as the TS well, is larger than the others and is specifically used to place TS medium. The remaining wells serve as reservoirs for drops of ES, VS, DS, or WS mediums.

In operation, oocytes or embryos are placed in these wells, adhering to the instructions provided with the Vitrification Kit or Vitrification Thawing Kit. This layout ensures organized, efficient procedures, providing an integrated solution for vitrification freezing and thawing processes in assisted reproductive technology applications.

Individually wrapped

  • Dual-purpose plate for both vitrification and thawing
  • Deep wells to avoid evaporation of fluids
  • Device Loading area on the plate
  • Easy to use
  • Sterilized by Gamma ray, MEA tested, and Endotoxin tested