The Esco MIRI® II-12 Multiroom Incubator is a top-of-the-line solution for IVF laboratories, able to meet exacting standards of performance and validation. The incubator features 12 chambers and 24 independent PID temperature controllers to ensure minimum environmental stress for embryos. Each compartment is separate and does not affect the temperature of other chambers. The lid temperature and the temperature in the culture chambers can be regulated and controlled separately, with PET layers separating the top and bottom of each compartment. And because it includes a separate PT-1000 sensor for each compartment, the MIRI® II-12 incubator can accurately monitor and control the temperature of each chamber individually, ensuring optimal conditions for embryo development. The circuitry for the PT-1000 sensors is separated from the unit’s electronics, so it remains a genuinely independent validation system.

The MIRI® II-12 incubator uses pure CO2 and N2 gases, allowing for precise control of CO2 and O2 concentrations in each chamber. The incubator features a recirculated gas system that ensures quick and complete gas replacement in less than five minutes, with gas cleaned by a 254 nm UVC light with filters to prevent dangerous ozone production. The incubator also has a complete gas control system, including pressure regulators, gas flow sensors, gas pressure sensors, and gas filters.

The incubator’s software runs on a built-in touchscreen and includes logging functions for long-term data storage, as well as a USB module for off-site evaluation of quality control data. The incubator also includes a pH sensor port, allowing users to measure the pH of samples at any time.

Single unit

  • 12 individually-controlled chambers
  • real-time datalogging touchscreen
  • Integrated gas mixer; CO2 and O2 Control
  • Extremely reliable and easy-to-use
  • Optional integrated SafeSENS pH System