Oosafe®’s 14 ml oocyte pick-up (OPU) tube has a dual position push-on cap to enable venting and to prevent sample loss and evaporation. Every lot of Oosafe® plasticware is tested to ensure the delivery of high-quality tubes that you can depend on for your IVF procedures.

Multipack – Case of 500 (packaged in packs of 10 tubes)

  • Easy push-on cap design
  • Easy peel-open breathable packaging eliminates the need for off gassing prior to use
  • Every lot assessed for one cell mouse embryo assay (MEA > 80% blastocyst), endotoxin testing (LAL < 0.03 EU/mL) and human sperm survival and motility testing (SMI > 0.75)
  • Manufactured and sterilized in an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified facility
  • Made of medical grade USP VI tested raw materials
  • Sterilized with gamma irradiation and CE marked
  • 14 ml volume tube, minimum volume measure 0.1 ml