MFC Global’s SpermVD is an innovative, efficient medical device for cryopreservation of small numbers of spermatozoa. It allows quick and convenient vitrification of spermatozoa, from a single sperm cell to thousands, and is specifically designed for cases of azoospermia, crypto azoospermia, oligo azoospermia and urgent male fertility preservation. SpermVD is best used for patients with extremely low numbers of spermatozoa, either in their ejaculate or following testicular biopsy (TESE). A simple thawing process enables quick retrieval of sperm with minimal sperm loss. Sperm may be used immediately for ICSI post-thaw with the SpermVD device.

25 units / box

  • Sperm viability and function maintained, maximizing fertility preservation for men
  • Minimal post-thaw sperm loss
  • Fits a standard ICSI dish or cryovial
  • Can be used with the SpermVD DISH to provide increased stability
  • 3 wells for individual sperm storage
  • 96% post-warm retrieval rate, facilitated by storage in 1 µl drops
  • Allows uncoupling of sperm retrieval from ovum pick-up, minimizing the need for oocyte freezing
  • Different gripping positions for easy handling
  • Injection molded from a medical grade polycarbonate and sterilized by gamma irradiation