The ExSeed Home Sperm Test Kit offers a convenient, fast, and accurate way to test male fertility parameters right from home. This CE-certified kit provides over 95% accuracy compared to lab tests, offering insights on sperm volume, concentration, and motility according to WHO standards. The process is straightforward and results are ready within 15 minutes. With a personalized lifestyle intervention program available through the app, users can get tips for improving sperm health based on their individual results. Every test is manually reviewed by fertility experts for accuracy and to provide personalized guidance. The ExSeed test primarily measures the Total Motile Sperm Count, which includes volume, concentration, and motility of the sperm, parameters that have been closely associated with the chance of pregnancy. The company recommends users to test their semen quality twice, with more than a week between tests, to account for natural variations in sperm quality. A kit with a larger number of tests is also available to track change in semen quality over time. With the ExSeed kit, tracking male fertility becomes as easy as using a pregnancy test.

Multipack – Kit with 2 or 5 tests

  • High accuracy: Over 95% accuracy compared to lab tests, providing reliable results from home.
  • Fast results: Test results available within 15 minutes, with no need to send anything to a lab.
  • Comprehensive measurements: Assesses sperm volume, motility, and concentration to WHO standards.
  • Expert review: Every test is manually reviewed by fertility experts for maximum accuracy.
  • Personalized guidance: The accompanying app provides a tailored lifestyle intervention program with tips to improve sperm health.
  • Measures key fertility indicator: The test measures Total Motile Sperm Count, a crucial parameter associated with pregnancy success.