The Esco MIRI® Humidified Multiroom incubator is an excellent choice for safeguarding embryos in your IVF laboratory. Its six (6) separate chambers not only provide embryologists with a larger capacity to accommodate more embryos but also ensure that environmental conditions are maintained even when adjacent chambers are accessed. The incubator offers the best temperature recovery, accuracy, and uniformity in the IVF market, thanks to its heated lid design. This design guarantees that the temperature provided to your embryos is not solely sourced from the dish’s bottom but also delivered from the top, maintaining a set point of 37.2C to ensure a consistent temperature of 37.0C for your samples. The humidified MIRI includes a built-in humidity sensor for accurate and continuous readings, with a water bottle located on the side of the unit for refilling and easy control of water level.

The Esco MIRI® Humidified Multiroom incubator provides the choice to use pure N2 and CO2 gases, which are more affordable than premixed gases. It recirculates these gas inserts, giving you the best value for your money. This feature also offers you the flexibility to adjust your gas concentration as needed to optimize embryo culture protocols in your laboratory. Additionally, the MIRI® Multiroom is compatible with the most commonly used brands of culture dishes in the market.

Single unit

  • Humidity Bottle allows circulating gas to be humidified
  • 6 individually-controlled chambers
  • Integrated gas mixer; CO2 and O2 Control
  • Extremely reliable and easy-to-use
  • Best-priced incubator on the market
  • Optional integrated SafeSENS pH System
  • Optional Stacking Frame for 2 units